About Us


providing free 3D printed assistive devices to people in need in Medellín, Colombia

Who are we?

Founded in May 2017, Humanos3D (previously known as e-NABLE Medellín) is a non-profit organisation in Colombia with big ambitions: to use the power of 3D printing to help victims of the country’s landmines, and others in need, by providing free, personalised, assistive device limbs.

The context

Until the ratification of its peace treaty in December 2016, Colombia had endured a 52 year
civil war, during which countless landmines were laid throughout rural areas of the country with devastating effects. In 2014, Colombia ranked the second most mine-affected country in the world to Afghanistan, and over 11,400 people have been victims of landmines since 1990, 1,124 of whom are children.
Over 3,600 people have suffered amputation due to the conflict, and 26% of ex-combatants have amputations. While many of those we aim to help have suffered their disabilities due to the armed conflict, we also create assistive devices for children and adult with birth defects.

What we do

Whilst mine clearance operations are in progress, at Humanos3D, we are focused on supporting victims of those landmines, as well as other people in need, by producing 3D printed assistive device limbs, which we provide for free. Working with local doctors, students and engineers, by using 3D printing technology we not only save on costs, but are able to produce quality assistive devices in just 2 weeks.

In addition to this, we can personalize designs however the recipient would like, whether that’s to look like a Disney princess, to show off their football team’s colours or just to have a subtle design that matches their skin tone.

Humanos3D isn’t just about helping victims return to their normal lives and regain their independence; it’s about boosting their self-confidence and helping them to reintegrate into wider society.

Why Medellín?

Antioquia, the region in which Medellín is located, has the most disabled people in the whole of Colombia: 387,131 in 2015. 19.8% of these people are children, and 14.7% cannot use their arms and hands.

We need your help!

Your donations will help us to continue the work we do which can radically change the lives of people like those featured in our blogposts, and countless others. Humanos3D runs solely on the kind donations we receive and the dedication of our volunteers.

Give us a hand, and we promise to give many more!