Volunteer and Internship Program

Are you a specialist in your field seeking rewarding opportunities to give back? Or perhaps a student looking for a unique internship opportunity to earn school credits? If you are a grant writer, programmer, software specialist, or other skilled volunteers, we need you!

Seeking Volunteer or Intern Programmers, Software Specialists, Administrators and Grant Writers

After the civil war in Colombia, thousands of people who had been affected by landmines and violence were left without limbs and adequate access to assistive devices. It is our mission to help restore the use of their limbs by engineering and distributing 3D printed artificial limbs.

We work with engineers, artists, software specialists, programmers, grant writers, and other volunteers to create highly customized assistive device hands and arms for disabled people in Medellin. We offer internships and rely on the help of skilled interns and volunteers who hope to join our cause in providing assistance to underprivileged and disabled people in Colombia.

Volunteer Testimonials

Read testimonials from our past volunteers and learn about the types of projects they have done and the impacts that they have made

Success Stories

Meet a few of the people we have helped, read their stories and see how the assistive devices our past engineering volunteers have changed recipient’s lives

Who We Are

Learn more about our non-profit organization, our mission, our vision, and our team of volunteers and students that make our mission possible!