Cheryl & David

Feb 3, 2020

I am in Medellín for an extended holiday to immerse myself in Colombian culture and learn Spanish. My husband and I are currently 5 months into this 9 month ‘staycation’, and I have worked with e-NABLE for the last 3 months. We were aware of e-NABLE Medellín and had been following their work for over a year whilst living in Australia. By chance, we ran into Adam and the team at the annual fundraising event on a night out in Envigado and the rest is history.

I am a teacher by trade, but much of my professional experience has been in administration, operational management, and human resources. So far I have contributed to writing a funding application and development of a clear pipeline for future deliverables. I have also helped to establish some consistent file management protocols. It has been a pleasure to work with the team on streamlining their operating processes and increasing efficiencies. 

David has brought his experience in mechanical engineering, product design, and knowledge of different production methods.  He is working closely with the engineering team to streamline workshop practices, build and fit devices, and contributing to the improvement of assistive device designs. 

Each day can be quite different at headquarters, and there’s a lot of flexibility to manage your day, depending on the needs of the team. The workshop and office are always busy – the team works really hard to deliver these devices to the community. We are encouraged to use our own expertise and judgement as situations arise, but also to ask as many questions as we need. I had a lot of fun sanding, painting, and assembling assistive devices in the workshop too. It has been rewarding to see the devices in action, knowing at the impact it can make in someone’s life. 

With your help, we hope to transform the lives of many more people.