Mar 19, 2018

15-year-old Jhorman was born with an arm defect, but this has not stopped him from aspiring to be a music producer.
After spending 3 days at one of our workshops designing and building an arm according to his own branding, we were able to organise for Jhorman to visit a Reggaeton music studio. Here, he was able to see the production process in action, and even try out some of the equipment with his new arm.

Jhorman’s involvement with e-NABLE does not stop there: he has also presented our work to local schools as a charity making a difference to the lives of those in its local community. At the moment, Jhorman is helping us test physiotherapy techniques and new designs We hope that the assistive device Jhorman received from us and the experiences he has had with e-NABLE Medellín help him build on his strength and confidence to pursue his dreams in the music industry.

With your help, we hope to transform the lives of many more people.