Art Enables Store

The Art Enables shop is a fundraising campaign that features items designed by local artists, with 100% of the profits supporting our cause!

We are currently selling our merchandise at the e-NABLE Medellin location in Poblado as well as Toucan Spanish School. Please stop by one of these locations to purchase an item!

Amo Colombia Tote Bag (35.000 Pesos)

The “Amo Colombia” Tote Bag was designed by Dave Tschiegg who first came to Colombia in 2018. He is a graphic designer, art director, and educator originally from the USA.

Paisa Tote Bag (35.000 Pesos)

The “Paisa” Tote Bag was designed by Valeria Ortega, a Medellin local who is studying graphic design at the University of Medellin. She loves conceptual art and illustration.

La Luna Tote Bag (35.000 Pesos)

The “La Luna” Tote Bag was designed by a group called La Fiera. Created by Vanessa Ramirez, an illustrator from Medellin, the project is inspired by the feminine power that we have forgotten, and seeks to initiate the change we need starting with ourselves.

Give us a hand, and we promise to give many more!