Using 3D printing technology to radically change the lives of those in need in Colombia.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Cleidy Mar Suescún

We are Cleidy Mar Suescún and José Alberto Sánchez, we are Venezuelan. My son José Alberto has been benefited by Humanos 3D.

Today we are here in Villa del Rosario doing his first test and it really has been a wonderful experience, we are happy. José is happy, it has been a beautiful experience, we are very grateful to Humanos 3D and those who support this beautiful cause; we invite you to continue supporting us, to continue giving your all, to continue making dreams come true, making smiles, making people happy.

Ana Mercedes Fuentes

I thank everyone because they are really doing something wonderful for many people who feel very grateful and pleased with this great foundation because they help us with a prosthesis to complete our activities and to complete our body, because many times we feel uncomfortable when we go out, when we go to do our things and it is wonderful this work they have done for us and I do not say it just for me, there are many people who feel happy and content.

Previously, I spent fifteen years looking for my prosthesis and I could not get it, I was already disappointed, but the day came when they proposed me that they were going to give me my prosthesis, I doubted, I thought it was not true, but today it became a reality.

Wilfer Andrés Villegas

I am a traveling salesman, with this help, with the hand, I will have the opportunity to do things that I could not do and grab things that I had no way to grab and now I can do it easily, with strength.
I met Humans 3D through a friend, who told me that they could help me with the shape of a hand, the attention is excellent, very good team and they have done a very good job, everyone deserves a perfect 10.
When I was little they took me to the doctor for a checkup and they asked my mom if she wanted them to put a hand on me and I said no, and that’s how I stayed, I grew up like that. After that there was no way they would send me to get a hand like this, it was worth a lot.

Andrés Felipe Padilla

“I am one of the beneficiaries of the Humans 3D Corporation. So far, with the prosthesis I have felt very well, it is very well designed according to my expressed needs. It is a very special help, since it is very difficult sometimes to have access to prosthesis because of the cost it represents, this one is very functional and aesthetically it also fits very well to the body.

I would like this to be extended to many more municipalities and departments so that many people can have something to help them improve their quality of life. I am very grateful, let’s hope that the sponsors of Humanos 3D continue to support us, because this way many people like us and the community will be favored”.

With your help, we hope to transform the lives of many more people.

Over 11,400 people in Colombia have been victims of landmines

1,124 of whom are children, and it remains the second most mine-affected country in the world. While a peace process is underway and mine clearing operations are in being undertaken, Humanos3D works to help some of those affected most tangibly by the civil war.

We provide free 3D printed assistive devices to people in need in Colombia

Founded in May 2017, Humanos3D (previously known as e-NABLE Medellín) is a non-profit organisation with big ambitions: we provide free, 3D printed, personalised assistive device limbs to children and adults that need them. Our aim is not only to help them regain their independence, but also to boost their confidence and help them reintegrate into wider society.

Give us a hand and we promise to give many more!